Project Portfolio Management


Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the strategic management of an organization’s proposed and current projects. Whereas project management answers the questions “are we doing projects right”, portfolio management indicates if we have the right projects. As consultants we saw how most PPM tools were based on project management software and were therefore technically complex and unintuitive. We wanted to create a system that any manager could use without extensive training.

Thinking Portfolio is a simple, yet powerful, solution for those who want to move from spreadsheets to a professional PPM tool, but don’t want to spend years in implementation.

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IT Application Portfolio

application portfolio mapLarge companies have hundreds of IT applications and services in use. It is very hard for the business management to know which applications are actually beneficial, how many of them are obsolete, and what changes are needed in order to get full business value from the IT systems.Most IT application management tools are aimed at either technical or license management needs. The strategic and business value views are missing. That’s why many of our customers have welcomed our IT Application Management software.

Our solution is built on the same platform as our flagship project portfolio tool. Consequently it is easy to learn, fast to implement, and cost effective to acquire.

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Idea Portfolio Management


Innovation is not a project, it’s a process. The most successful organizations have an on-going innovation process that collects and evaluates ideas, and turns them into project proposals or development programs.Idea management is a self-evident phase in project portfolio management, and it is also a natural part of our PPM offering. All Thinking Portfolio customers can now extend their project portfolio with our Idea Portfolio module.

Time Tracking


Many of our customers have expressed the need for a simple system to track and report work related to development projects. Even better, the records of the hours should be automatically read into Thinking Portfolio. We are developing a Thinking Portfolio extension that will make it easy to record hours both on a computer and on a mobile device.

Project Risk Management

Project risks are often overlooked. One of the reasons is that they have not been identified systematically. We’ve developed an iPad app that makes risk identification and evaluation almost fun.The methodological content of the tool is based on longitudinal research and development by internationally renowned professor and Ph.D., Kalle Kähkönen. His primary research focus is the creation of easy-to-use risk analysis and management techniques. He has paid particular attention to the engagement of users, risk communication and risk estimation techniques.

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Portfolio Management Expertise

Does your management team know why and how you should implement portfolio management? Do you have the roles and processes in place to start off with project or IT portfolio management?We are able to help your organization in making your portfolio management implementation a success. Over the years we’ve consulted for dozens of companies and public sector organizations.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and set up a meeting where we can make a quick analysis of your need and propose an efficient way to get your portfolio journey going.

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