6 Must Have Skills in Project Manager Resume

A project manager must have the needed expertise and the open mind to deal with unexpected work environments. Any project management professional is regarded as a change agent collaborating with teams composed of individuals. Every individual in the team has a unique temperament. As a leader, you are expected to negotiate and read body language. People working under your command expect you to be an expert in a number of diverse skills. Every project manager must have the following six skills to have complete mastery of his or her work.

Communication is key

It is no secret that a typical project manager spends almost 90 percent of the time is spent in communication. As a project manager, it is vital that you can effectively convey the issues, vision, goals and ideals to other personnel. You are, of course, expected to be adept in producing presentations, reports among a lot of other skills.

It is imperative you should improve your communication skills in case you lack them. The presentation is vital, from winning at corporate negotiation meetings to pitching topics in the presence of stakeholders and clients. Here’s a tip: watch how the best managers present their case. It is a real learning experience.


If you lead, you will deliver. This is a rare skill. It is missing from most manager’s technical skills. In case you do not have the natural ability to be a leader, you should develop the traits to be an effective one. There is no shortage of resources to teach you quality leadership. A number of books will teach you actionable information that you can implement and be a much better project leader.

Team management

Other than commanding a team from the perspective of company strategy, the project manager must also manage from the operational perspective. The effective team manager must excel at coordinating and administering clusters of individuals through promotion of teamwork, resolution of conflicts, delegating the tasks, setting the goals and evaluating the performance. As a leader, you must have the ability to inspire others so that they can work with you and give a seamless performance.


It’s time to go back to the first and the most important trait: communication. A greater part of communicative activities are done in the field of negotiating budgets, scope creep, resources and schedules. These cannot be avoided. You must know how to negotiate so that all involved parties are adequately satisfied. This marks a skill for any successful project manager.

Personal organization

You can only provide what you have. Before you manage the work of others, it is important that your manage you own work perfectly. An organized personal life always equals an excellent project manager.

Managing risks

Many seasoned professionals recommend the study of risk management as a project management tool. It is vital that you should have the ability to predict and also create solutions to a number of issues prior to them cropping up. Many project managers do not factor in the risks when they begin any project.


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