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6 Characteristics of an Effective Project Management Officer

Project management officers are vital to any business as they can take important decisions that lead to great ideas. While good PMOs are hard to find, great ones are even rarer. However, all good PMOs share certain traits and characteristics that make them an effective and valuable part of the team. Here are six of […]

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How to Succeed in Internal Cross-Functional Development Projects

If your business is expanding, you may have to work on cross functioning development projects more often. In simple terms, a cross functional group can be defined as a team of professionals with different fields of expertise working together for a single goal. A cross functional group of professionals can include people from different departments […]

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Thinking Portfolio PPM Whitepaper 2014

Download PDF version of Thinking Portfolio PPM Whitepaper 2014. Thinking Portfolio PPM is a strategic management tool. It allows the management of the whole project portfolio from project inception to follow-up. Thinking Portfolio PPM offers a simple interface to view, manage and report the entirety of an organization’s projects. It allows different units and departments […]

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5 Ways to Improve Your Project Portfolio Management

Effective portfolio management is an important element in the success and growth of business across all industries. In fact, the 2012 Pulse of the Profession study conducted by the Project Management Institute proves just that. The report showed that out of all the projects undertaken by organizations considering themselves as highly effective in managing portfolios, […]

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How to Get Results Fast in an Internal Development Project

Any company, regardless of its niche, has two types of projects that include internal and external development. External development projects are known to cater to customers and clients and are expected to make money, whereas internal projects are known to utilize this revenue to benefit the company. While it may appear that internal projects are […]

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Top 5 Skills of a Project Management Officer

Each business has a separate department for project management and while the roles and responsibilities vary, some skills remain a prerequisite. The job profile of the project management officer changes from company to company and mainly depends on the size and nature of the business. It also depends on the stage of project implementation. Regardless […]

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Thinking Portfolio Advancing Research and Development

Thinking Portfolio has increased transparency in project activities and synergy between various industries. Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences (MAMK) is a place of higher education for lifelong learning. The university operates mainly in Southern Savonia. There are approximately 4,500 students in seven fields of study at the school. MAMK is a strong player in research, […]

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The Benefits of Following Up on a Completed Business Project

Despite being an important step in any venture, follow-up on completed business projects are often overlooked. After a project has been completed, follow up is an essential component in the evaluation and monitoring phases. Post-completion, follow up ensures the sustainability of the project, and allows you to monitor and communicate the developments. You can perform […]

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