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Specific Roles, Functions and Objectives of Service Portfolio Management

Service portfolio management is essentially the process responsible for the establishment and putting together of the basic service design package also known as the SDP. Service portfolio management is fast becoming a critical objective for most IT companies seeking to achieve greater success in providing advanced IT services as well as superior support to customers […]

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Key Benefits of Choosing Service Portfolio Management

Service Portfolio Management is the latest buzz in the IT industry. It is being looked upon as a strategic planning and executing tool that ensures that the IT strategies are in alignment with the business strategies. Service portfolio management regularly scrutinizes and reviews Information and Communications Technology or ICT services of a company to make […]

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Back to Basics on Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

As an operating business, you may be required to handle multiple projects at a time. To ensure that all your projects are progressing smoothly and on time, it is important to maintain a portfolio. Termed as project portfolio management, this process can help you organize and categorize projects based on your organizational goals. It is […]

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Thinking Portfolio PPM Whitepaper 2014

Download PDF version of Thinking Portfolio PPM Whitepaper 2014. Thinking Portfolio PPM is a strategic management tool. It allows the management of the whole project portfolio from project inception to follow-up. Thinking Portfolio PPM offers a simple interface to view, manage and report the entirety of an organization’s projects. It allows different units and departments […]

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Case Study: Peikko Group

Transparency and clear reports reduce project workload Peikko aims at creating a real-time view of the overall status of projects. Peikko Group is an expert of concrete connections and composite beams, providing customers with innovative solutions that facilitate and speed up the construction process. Peikko Group has sales branches in thirty countries and production facilities in […]

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Manage Critical Applications With Your IT Portfolio

One of our clients counted over four thousand individual pieces of software in use in their company. Certainly only a handful of these are business critical, others are tools that assist in performing various tasks. Do you know which of your hundreds of IT applications are critical, how they serve your business now and in […]

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80% of good strategic portfolio management means looking forward

At its best, portfolio management is committed to achieving the strategic goals of the organization, analyzing future events and coordinating proper timing for developing the right programs and projects. As said before, nothing can save a project if the goals and timing are wrong considering the full picture of the situation. If the timing is […]

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